Bathrooms are some of the smallest rooms in the home, but they pack in the most functionality per square foot of space. You can decorate a bathroom as an extension of the overall style of the home, a continuation of a secluded space such as a master suite, or as a room with a special theme of its own. The challenge is to maximize your available space while customizing the functionality and the look of your bathroom.

There is a myriad of design approaches for bathrooms. When thinking of a bathroom design or remodel, reflect on what features of a bathroom are important for you and your family. In addition, look at the décor in the rest of your home and decide whether you want your bathroom to blend or contrast with that. For a little inspiration, here are some bathroom decorating ideas to get you started planning your own spaces.

Rustic Retreat

A rustic look for your bathroom can be vintage and classically dignified at the same time. A buttoned down cousin to the farmhouse look, think of Mission Style and Arts and Crafts styles when taking a rustic approach. The focus is on a blend of simple, functional, and sophisticated. The clean lines and function-forward design of the style are unfussy and orderly.

To create a rustic vibe in a family bathroom, replace any shiny (such as polished chrome) water faucet fixtures and knobs with oil rubbed bronze for a timeworn and weathered look. Use light fixtures that evoke the look of a lantern for functional pieces of oil rubbed bronze bathroom décor.

Organically inspired shapes for wood trims work well if they have a soft and seasoned appearance. Utilizing hooks with a patina to hang towels on is another rustic bathroom décor detail that supports the rustic theme. The rustic style is a great bridge between contemporary and transitional looks, serving as a welcoming oasis in home styles from shabby chic to modernist.

Small Is Simple

Little touches make a large impact in a small bathroom where space is at a premium. A compact vanity with plenty of smart storage options does double duty in style. Small bathroom décor is at its best when one statement piece of wall décor is used in addition to a mirror over the vanity. Preferably have your décor piece also serve as a functional item such as a place to store towels.

An edited color palette makes the available space visually flow more easily. Create the illusion of spaciousness by having all of your walls be the same color, and keep your floor covering very close to that same color scheme. Focus on neutrals and save the occasional pops of color for the towels, accessories, or bathroom wall décor.

Try to find extra storage space by asking your contractor if there is anywhere between wall studs to install recessed storage areas. If you are able to uncover and build shelves in a recessed storage area, it is a fun touch to paint the recessed area an accent color to make the most of your small space.

Classic Chic

A classic bathroom look can be glamorous with the addition of black bathroom décor. From vanity countertops to tile trim and towels, the use of black and white in a classic chic look lends a dramatic air that never goes out of style. Chrome touches in the form of bathroom décor fixtures and bathroom hardware (such as door handles and hinges) provide a sparkling contrast to black matte accents, drawing attention to the shine and contrast in the room without becoming overly distracting. Keeping the palette neutral for this style helps the contrast make its maximum impact.

Accessible yet stylish at the same time, crisp white subway tile in your choice of shape and grout forms a crisp backdrop to posh touches. Chrome bathroom décor in the form of luxe lightings such as shiny chandeliers and wall sconces will work hard to provide elegant illumination while dazzling visitors.

Have dimmer switches installed on your lights so you can soften the lighting when you want to relax in the bath. Bathroom decoration that works great with this style includes the integration of tropical plants and touches of crystal in accessories such as apothecary jars for your toiletries.

Down On The Farm

The warmth of the farmhouse inspired look works well in a wide variety of home styles, from traditional to transitional. Farmhouse bathroom décor utilizes a blend of natural materials, utilitarian pieces, and vintage touches to create an unpretentious and fresh look that is both cozy and welcoming. The warm tones of wood pair well with painted pieces in contrasting tones of white. Wood or tile flooring further the style of this decorating theme alongside wood wall coverings in the form of wainscoting or bead board to form the foundation of this style.

For a complete farmhouse look, use straw accessories such as homespun-looking baskets for storage and as décor pieces. Make sure to anchor the look of your pieces by using baskets with the same or coordinating colors and tones so that things don’t become visually disorganized. The outer borders of mirrors make a great impact by simply framing them with weathered wood for a one-of-a-kind appearance.

Traditional farm accents such as Mason jars and galvanized metal cans and buckets create a cozy and relaxed feel when they are used judiciously. Think of using a glass jar as a soap dispenser base and putting a plant in a galvanized can for a subtle nod to farm life. Other design touches to have fun with that are decorative and useful at the same time include vintage-inspired light fixtures and the use of a small wooden ladder as a towel hanger in the corner of the bathroom.

For a farmhouse-themed decorative shelving unit, use a large galvanized metal bucket that has the bottom two-thirds of it sawn off. Mount the top of the bucket on the wall as the perimeter of a storage nook. Inside the circle of the bucket, secure two or three wooden board shelves for rolled up towels and other bathroom miscellany.

Modern Minimalism

Sleek and streamlined, contemporary styled bathrooms impress with their minimalist lines. Many modern bathrooms place an emphasis on a pared-down spa vibe in the use of calming colors on the walls, use of natural light, and extra amenities such as deluxe fixtures. For the overall room structure, use shutters on windows to be able to filter the perfect amount of light into the room. Modernize the shower with multiple shower heads and steam room features. Contemporary vanities are often wall mounted and allow for storage space underneath so a towel is never out of reach.

For modern bathroom décor, the focus is on the use of natural accents that further draw visitors into a state of relaxation. A simple arrangement of plants or dried botanicals in a vase will suffice. Go for premium flooring, wall, and counter coverings as they will play a large part in the look of a modern minimalist styled bathroom.

Just For Kids

Kid’s bathroom décor works best when it blends fun design with specialized function for hard working kid’s bathrooms. Small children can independently use the bathroom more easily if they have bright and engaging accessories that help them access fixtures. Consider installing shower head and faucet extenders for the little ones in your household. Affixing rope lighting under the bathroom cabinet as a nightlight helps kids get to the bathroom in the middle of the night independently while remaining unobtrusive during the day.

To help keep things organized, provide each child with their own towel hook with a personalized name plate for an easy way to keep towels off of the floor. Tame hair bands and clips in their own decorative and shatter-proof see-through container that can sit on the vanity.

Vanities in bathrooms that are used by multiple children are best when they accommodate two sinks and feature lots of storage. One way to keep drawers their neatest for the longest amount of time possible is to use a silverware organizer to keep toothbrushes, paste, and combs separated and handy while remaining out of the way in a drawer.

To squeeze as much stuff into the kids’ bathroom as possible, take inspiration from kitchen metal rod systems that baskets can hang on. Each child can have their basket labeled and full of their favorite bath toys, shampoo, and combs. If your kids argue over which towel is theirs, you may want to assign a different primary color to each child so they clearly know what is theirs and what they are responsible for picking up. If you are on a budget, you can make a huge difference in your bathroom by optimizing your storage, painting the walls, and investing in one new signature piece for the room such as a new vanity and sink.

Whether you plan on altering the whole floor plan of your bathroom when you remodel or just want to refresh it with a new vanity, tub, and fixtures, details make the difference in your bathroom’s style. Check out Ronbow’s wide selection of bathroom furniture and fixtures for pieces that are sure to impress. The wide variety of choices available means that you are able to go where your spirit of design takes you.