Your bathroom is a frequently-used space, so it’s natural that it should be as pleasing and stylish as possible. Bathroom vanities as a central piece of the bathroom are often overlooked by inexperienced designers, so our examination of modern bathroom vanities will help you, the homeowner, see the design potential of this essential feature. There are endless exciting design trends that can easily be captured with the help of high quality Ronbow bathroom vanities, cabinets, sinks, and other features. Keep these strategies in mind when planning any remodeling project; you will find that the results are practical, attractive, and enjoyable.

Think About Access

The bathroom vanity is a functional and attractive surface that holds accessories, décor, toiletries, and other items, serving as both a storage and display space. Because so much depends on the vanity surface, homeowners should think about how easy their modern bathroom vanity will be to access.

Measuring the clearance of the bathroom door is essential for choosing a vanity that is beyond the reach of the door to prevent collisions between the door and the vanity. Depending on where people stand when in front of the sink and vanity, a foot or more of clearance may be required.

One solution to consider is to purchase a medicine cabinet with a mirror that lifts upward rather than out. Ronbow Signature’s Unity and Stack medicine cabinets feature doors that open upward instead of swinging towards the side. This is ideal for small spaces and for bathrooms where mirrors may interfere with other storage solutions.

Ease Of Cleaning

Accessible placement of surfaces, doors, and other features of modern bathroom décor also requires thinking about how easy they will be to clean. When selecting the appropriate modern bathroom vanity, try to avoid creating hard-to-reach nooks that cannot be seen or accessed.

The material of the vanity can have an effect on how easy it is to clean. Natural materials like wood generally have to be treated with a surface layer to resist damage by moisture and heat. Ronbow has created a whole line of solid wood and wood veneer surfaces that are capable of standing up to even the toughest bathroom environments, resulting in a handsome collection of distinguished vanities that perfectly suit the taste of today’s style-savvy homeowners.

Ceramic is a traditional choice for the bathroom and remains timeless in its functionality and visual appeal. The unified design of ceramic sinktops is a popular style due to its ease of cleaning and maintenance, alongside the more classic undermount and drop in sink styles, which remain easy to coordinate with vanity and countertop pairings. Ronbow offers a variety of sinks that are both low maintenance and visually attractive.

Passage Through The Bathroom

Bathrooms can be very busy places, especially when family members are getting ready for work or school. Modern bathroom vanities often feature roomy drawers and cabinets for additional storage. These can open surprisingly far, which may create problems for people seeking to walk through the bathroom. Measure the width and depth of the primary passage in your bathroom space and compare these figures with the clearance of cabinet doors and drawers. You may find that certain vanities are more suitable for some spaces than others; you may need to revise your original design slightly to accommodate bathroom vanities with the features you want. Ronbow has many modern bathroom basins that fit perfectly into a wide range of vanity surfaces, so you will not have to compromise on the quality of your sink.

The use and placement of rugs should also be considered. Some bathrooms have a stone, tile, or hardwood floor and so should be covered by an attractive modern bathroom rug for the comfort of users. Homeowners should measure the location where rugs will be placed and shop according to those measurements.

Mirror Placement

The mirror is an integral part of modern bathroom décor; it is both functional and decorative, so careful selection is required. Some mirrors are intended to function only as a reflective surface and so can be hung or mounted on a wall made of appropriate material. Others are cabinet-style and feature small shelves, doors, and compartments for storage. These are heavier and often require special hardware before they can be safely installed on the wall. Observe the action of the mirror cabinet door; it may swing too far out and create an obstacle for foot traffic. Some mirror cabinets do not open far enough and so prevent easy access of bathroom storage in and around the cabinet.

Generally speaking, space is required to adequately show off the mirror and any cabinet it is connected to. This space helps users access the storage and safely operate the swinging door.

Ronbow offers a variety of mirrors that contain built-in light features that help save space over cumbersome traditional light fixtures. As bathrooms shrink in size, homeowners are increasingly interested in maximizing the available space with the help of roomy vanities and counters rather than using that space on light fixtures. A lighted mirror is an ideal solution. The smooth angle of the light highlights the face precisely instead of creating harsh overhead angles. This lets you shave or do your makeup with more clarity than ever before. The sleek square, rectangular, and circular mirrors from Ronbow are designed for easy hanging; they are also made to complement the many styles of Ronbow vanities so homeowners will have no trouble creating a perfectly coordinated look. Mirrors and vanities are natural partners, so think about both at the same time when shopping.


The placement of a home’s plumbing is the primary factor determining the placement of modern bathroom vanities and other features. This will determine whether you can have a wall-mounted vanity or a floor-mounted one. Your contractor will be able to tell you more about the plumbing configuration of the bathroom you wish to remodel. Speaking to a contractor before making any purchasing decisions is a sound idea; you can save yourself some trouble in the long run by learning the a little about the technical aspects of your home’s plumbing.

The commode is the other plumbing feature found in bathrooms that homeowners most frequently wish to replace. Today there are many low-flow varieties that contain all the power you need with the resource-saving design you prefer. You will have no trouble matching a beautiful Ronbow sink and vanity with a modern commode design. Remember to measure the clearance of the cabinets on the vanity to avoid collisions with the commode.

Finally, consider the design of the shower. Your contractors can tell you about the size available for shower and bathtub placement as well as what fixtures will be best suited to your particular bathroom. There are many exciting designs that will elegantly complement the sink faucet design you choose. Sometimes homeowners find it easier to shop for a sink, faucet set, and vanity before making purchase decisions regarding the shower.

Accessories For Your New Bathroom

There are many trendy modern bathroom accessories you can choose from for your remodeled bathroom. Consider these ideas:

  • Rustic, natural features like wooden planters and storage containers
  • Nautical-themed towels and framed prints
  • Soothing color schemes that include tan, beige, and taupe
  • A boldly colored galaxy or unicorn decorating scheme that integrates shiny details
  • Bright white, shining silver, and bold black or colored accents
  • Reclaimed materials like driftwood and sea glass
  • A kid-friendly space featuring stepstools and other details designed for child safety
  • Framed photographs or artwork by family members

Accessories can be used to dress up a sleek and stylish Ronbow vanity. Use small containers to hold cotton swabs, bandages, makeup brushes, shaving supplies, and similar small essentials. Larger containers can hold hairbrushes and combs. The roomy drawers found in many Ronbow vanities can hold hair driers, hair curlers, makeup kits, and more. Drawers have been designed to be easy to open and close; keep your space looking neat and clean by closing drawers with just a touch. The unobtrusive hardware used on these cabinets and drawers adds a stylish aura without detracting from your personal decorating choices.

Not all bathrooms can accommodate one of Ronbow’s larger vanities; some wall-mounted vanities lack under-sink storage of their own. In this case, rolling carts with bins and containers can be used in place of drawers. You can also find drawers that are mounted separately from vanity tops to accommodate the parameters found in different homes.

Ronbow designs a variety of attractive modern sink, vanity, and mirror options that perfectly suit your home and personal tastes. Modern vanity designs can be found that match your home’s plumbing, shower features, and other details. Contact the professionals at Ronbow today about updating your bathroom with beautiful, long-lasting products. Call 888-880-8318 or email to get started.