Closet Design Inspirations

Closet Design Inspirations


Making the best use of the space you have for your closets usually means you need to have your closets custom-made. Not everyone is going to benefit from a standard closet design.


Do you need more space for shoes? Do you share your closet space with a partner? Perhaps you need something taller or wider for your specific needs. Having a professional design your closet will make a world of difference.


Closet Design Inspirations


Not everyone has the space for a large closet. Many of us would love a walk-in closet but simply don’t have the space.




Reach-in closets are what most of us have. Just as the name suggests, it is the standard closet you will find in a home or apartment. But it doesn’t mean you can’t have more storage space.


You can have custom-made shelves put in to accommodate more shoes, hats, or toys. This allows you to stay organized and get things up off the floor or off a single overhead shelf.


Drawers can also be added to store away all kinds of items from socks to towels. These add more space to the existing space and keeps everything organized and tidy.


You can also add another bar halfway down the closet. You can hang smaller items, like shirts, skirts, folded pants, and more. This gives you twice the hanger room without needing more space.


Hooks can also be added to hang items. They can go on the walls or the backs of the doors to organize ties, robes, jackets, and anything else that never seems to have a permanent home.



If you have room to sacrifice for more closet space, then a walk-in is the way to go. Have an expert come in and design it for you to make the absolute best use of the space you have.


You don’t need a lot of space to still have a custom-made walk-in closet. You can get extra drawers, shelves, rods, and racks for all the items you have. If you share the closet, get it designed to duplicate the same on both sides.


When you don’t have a lot of space, your walk-in closet can still allow you a lot of storage. A designer can take one look and know the best way to make the most of your closet.


They can custom-build drawers, integrate hidden pull-out drawers and cupboards, and add smaller shelves that hold a lot of items without being intrusive. Just buying a shelving unit from a big box store might be a solution, but it’s not the solution.




Maybe you have a small space or part of a hallway that isn’t being used. Why not get a designer to build a custom-made closet that you can walk through. Often, older homes have a small hall or space on the way to the washroom that can be converted into a beautiful closet.


It is a great way to use space that is otherwise just sitting there. Rods can be hung up, shelves installed, small drawers or dressers can be built into the walls, and a full-length mirror can be hung up.


You can even incorporate a small washroom that is part of your ensuite to expand the space and have the closet and the facilities all at the ready. This can be done with a new home or an older home you are remodelling.





Dressing Room


If you have a smaller closet and want to expand it, you can sacrifice a bit of your bedroom space and have a dressing room-style closet. You don’t need a lot of space for this type of closet, either.


Just by adding a few more drawers or shelves and opening up a small closet, you can expand the space to have room to change, to find items, and plenty of room for storage.


Incorporate a mirror or vanity table, have some drawers and cupboards that pull out to access your dresses or suits, and a few collapsing shelves for shoes. It’s amazing what can be done in small spaces.


Racks can pull out to expose ties, shoes, hats, blouses, and so much more. If you can’t go deep, go wide. It is amazing what a professional designer can do to increase your closet space.


Closet Designs


Just like a kitchen, a bedroom closet can be converted to hold so much more. Utilize all the available space you have and still have a beautiful closet space. Functional, beautiful, useful, and personalized to organize your whole bedroom.


Talk to a designer to get some great ideas for custom-made closets. Everyone has their own needs, so why should everyone settle for the same boring closet? Get the most of your closet space and get custom closets to get organized and stay that way.