The Ronbow palette is focused, and that’s by design. When creating a room, a furniture collection in one or two color choices sets the tone for the rest of your interior. Our unique colors – the fruit of countless hours of research and testing by our product designers – grab your attention. We don’t just complement your décor, we are the décor.

Gray: A World Of Nuance

As the reigning neutral color of interior design, gray is practically its own category. Cool Gray, Empire Gray, Ocean Gray, Stone Gray, Drift Gray … we carry so many grays because we know it takes just that one particular shade to perfect your space.

1) The subtleties of its cool temperature make it rich and complex.Whichever gray you choose it’s the perfect color to decorate against because:

  • 2) Goes with similar neutrals, darks, or natural wood finish so it’s versatile.

Beige: The Art Of Tasteful Restraint

Beige, that other neutral, is robustly expressed in the Bristol Beige color of the Brit Collection in Ronbow Signature series. It’s warm like the honeyed heaths of England’s north and as buttoned down as the trench coats in a London fog. Tasteful but all business, Bristol Beige is a smash.

White: The Canvas For Your Imagination

It’s hard to put your finger on the White of our vanities. It’s not the bright white of our sinks but it’s punchier than bone or eggshell – maybe we’ll just call it official Ronbow White. What we can say is that we offer ton of vanities in this super versatile shade. Don’t forget to complement with the Solid White, Wide White and Roman White of our vanity backsplashes.

Black: The Perfect Color?

Sometimes it’s known as ebony, sometimes it goes by onyx, jet or midnight. Whatever the name, nothing beats our deep, rich Black for a bold statement in the bath. Pair your vanity with a countertop in Absolute Black or Broad Black and be extra bold.

Navy: It’s A Winner

It’s the go-to hue for evoking beauty, class, and sophistication. From ancient coats of arms and modern presidents to casual sports blazer and the work hard/play hard ethos of denim, Navy is perhaps the most timeless color of all and is proudly represented in our Transitional collection.

Marble: A Swirl Of Difference

The great thing about a marble finish is that you get two colors instead of just one. And because it’s natural stone, no two finish are ever exactly the same. The sinks in our Waterspace series come in four unique blends with matching ceramic drain cover for a look that’s as uniformly luxurious as it is complementary to your interior.