Ever noticed how interior designers default to straight lines no matter what style or decor theme? For too long we have been under the tyranny of rigid geometry, all but forgetting the freewheeling beauty of curves, arches and swooping lines. We say cast off those aesthetic chains and rediscover the well-rounded pleasures of non-linear design in the kitchen and bath.

One of the best examples that we saw comes from Reform, a Danish firm that took the no-right-angles theme to heart with this kitchen in a trendy Copenhagen neighborhood.

Circular Logic

But why stop there? Bed frames, light stands, even door arches are fair game for the curvilinear look. We don’t mean install round bulkheads like the Starship Enterprise – a single anchoring feature such as a kitchen island or sidewalls of a sunken living room are sufficient to get the idea across.

Thinking Outside The Box

One of the most radical takes on asymmetric chic (if we do say so ourselves) would be from Ronbow Signature’s Pebble Collection, conceived by award-winning designer Ora Ito. Combining biomorphic shapes with sophisticated engineering, this collection’s “simplexity” philosophy allows a seamless modern look without sacrificing convenience and luxury.

Of course, Ronbow is no stranger to the contemporary appeal of curves as you can see in our Leonie Vanity Sets

Go With The Flow

It’s not just about appearances. Curved interiors are more kid-friendly due to lack of sharp edges and make life easier for an elderly parent. Another benefit of curvy interiors is the kinetic, flow-y sensibility they lend a space. You can actually feel how the increased visibility encourages guests or visitors to wander through your space.

From Old-Fashioned To Newfangled

Many bay windows in Victorian homes were rounded rather that 3-sided. If you’re lucky enough to have 19th century home with this feature you can emphasize its character with rounded back bookshelves for a nest-y spot to escape into. Maybe it’s a vestige of the ‘70s but for awhile spiral staircases were a thing. Try ringing yours at the base with a stripe-y round carpet for a radiant effect.