A high-quality vanity mirror is a necessity in any bathroom. A wall mounted mirror allows you to quickly assess and primp your look before heading out into public. It’s much simpler to style hair and apply makeup when you can see clearly what you are doing. However, not just any old mirror will do. To create the perfect aesthetic, choose from a myriad of styles, from modern or transitional, to rustic or traditional.

Traditional Mirrors

If you want to go down the more traditional route, there are plenty of classic mirrors to choose from. For instance, the Sunburst Mirror offers practical functionality along with a beautiful design. It’s more than just a piece of glass – it’s eye-catching design falls within the lines of mirror wall décor, so you have a fantastic decoration within the space now that also serves as your mirror.

Bordeaux wood frame mirrors are another beautiful addition. This bathroom mirror is surrounded by gorgeous wood frames with an intricately carved pattern. These are just the beginning. There are numerous other mirrors where you can see yourself in a wonderful frame.

LED Mirrors

For homeowners who want to travel off the beaten path, an LED mirror is a fantastic option. Beyond the everyday function of a bathroom mirror, the LED vanity mirror also comes affixed with LED lights. A great advantage to this is that LED mirrors are capable of resembling natural sunlight, so you know for certain how your makeup will look once you venture out into the world. Additional benefits include:

  • Different Color Temperatures: You still have some options when buying an LED wall mirror. You can choose between LED lights that can emit either 3,000 Kelvins or 4,000 Kelvins.
  • Energy Efficiency: LED lights use far less electricity than other lighting options. That means you can spend a lot of time in the bathroom without worrying about using an excessive amount of power. This helps greatly the next time you receive your electric bill.
  • Built-In Defogger: A big problem with mirrors is that they tend to fog up after taking a hot shower. An LED bathroom mirror can come with a built-in defogger that keeps it clear before and after showers. However, not all mirrors come with this feature, so make sure to ask about it before purchasing.
  • One Extra Light Source: You want to ensure your bathroom is well-lit so that you do not slip on anything. If your bathroom cannot receive natural lighting from outside, then an LED light mirror can help greatly with your vision.

With this beneficial type of vanity mirror, you get a beautiful addition to your bathroom that also assists you greatly in everyday routines.

Great Versatility

People have different bathrooms, so you should consider how many people may use the bathroom at one time before selecting a certain one. This is also a good thing to think about in terms of how the fixture will be mounted. Several mirrors, such as the Alina wood frame wall mirror, have the option of being mounted either horizontally or vertically. For instance, you can mount this mirror horizontally so that two people could use it at the same time. This is highly beneficial if you have a double vanity in your bathroom that allows two people to be in there at the same time.

Ronbow offers a wide selection of beautiful, functional mirrors. There is certain to be something that will look wonderful in your bathroom. Even if you do not know what would work best, someone here will be able to help narrow down the options. Find an amazing vanity mirror to add to your home by contacting Ronbow toll-free at 888-880-8318.