European Style Kitchen Cabinets

European Style Kitchen Cabinets


European kitchen cabinets are most often defined by their sleek appearance. This is because they don’t have a frame, which makes them look more contemporary.


This also usually makes them easier to function as they don’t have stiles or rails. They also tend to have smaller, understated hardware that keeps in the same sleek style.


European Style Kitchen Cabinets


If you are considering European style cabinets, it’s very important to have your kitchen measured to make sure they will fit. Custom-made kitchen cabinets will fit better and look better than prefab.


These cabinets are all subtle and the drawers and the doors are designed to fit as to be almost invisible. Because of the way they are designed, they have more storage space, as well.


Having your European-styled cabinets custom-made will actually be less expensive than having them imported. Plus, you want to have the space measured in person, not something you order online.


These cabinets still leave you with plenty of options when it comes to color and design. There are plenty of materials available, and many that are not as expensive.




Choose from doors that are solid, for a sleek look that keeps the entire kitchen looking uncluttered and unobtrusive. You can have a design in the door finish and find them in a wide variety of colors and materials.


Of course, you could also opt to not have any doors at all. That allows for more room and you can add lights for a more contemporary look that also works for functionality.


High gloss or matt, windows with tinted glass or clear, textured fronts or plain, the options are wide and as varied as your imagination. Keep them all the same for a polished look.


Color and Finish


From stark white to coal black, find the colors you love. You can have them glazed, and find the material that will work best with your lifestyle. While you can get real maple, oak, or cherry, you can also find manufactured material that looks just like it for easier maintenance and easier to care for.


You can think about wood tones, metal, or a more rustic stone look. These can have a pattern or look like their natural finish without any added designs or borders.




Another facet of European cabinets is their great use of space. Get all types of hidden pull-out caddies, lazy susans, hidden wine racks, knife racks, and folding cabinet doors.


These hidden cabinets are a great way to store larger pots and pans, larger trays or appliances, and make use of spaces that otherwise would have just been wasted.


These can be custom-made to fit all your kitchen needs perfectly. They can store a lot more than your standard cabinets and still leave your kitchen looking uncluttered and beautiful.




Knobs and pulls are often not considered as deeply as they should be. They actually add the perfect finishing touch to all your kitchen cabinets. From small, unobtrusive handles to big brass knobs, you will be spoilt for choice.


Find them in any material you like to finish off these cabinets. You can mix and match with both knobs or pulls, but you should stick to the same color unless they work in your favor.


If you want to mix it up, still with the same material, like metal, but use a variation in colors. A darker brass in one area with a lighter brass in another can work, but don’t go too overboard.


You can opt for no handles and have finger grooves at the bottom or the top of your cabinets to maintain that sleek solid look. You can have handles on a few of the cabinets to add texture.




If you are going for the European-styled kitchen cabinets, get them made specifically for your own kitchen. It’s amazing how much more space can be utilized when the cabinets are made to fit your kitchen.


You want the cabinets to work with the rest of your house and fit all your nooks, crannies, and appliances. Having custom-made cabinets will ensure you are getting the best use of your kitchen space.


The main reason people love the European style of kitchen cabinets is that they seem to be very minimalist but are much more functional. They are meant to work for you without taking anything away from your kitchen space.


When you go with a custom-designed kitchen, you are getting quality and expertise. You get to choose every aspect of the cabinets, from the color, the hardware, and how many trays you need for your cutlery.


Quality, design, and a perfect fit are what you want in new kitchen cabinets. Get beautiful kitchen cabinets that look beautiful and will last you for many years to come.