Whether you go for a small wall mounted bathroom vanity or a large wall mount bathroom vanity combo, the ability to attach the vanity to the wall grants some distinct advantages to a bathroom design or remodel. A wall mounted bathroom vanity is a great candidate for incorporating modular design to get the most out of every square inch, as seen in the Rebecca vanity in Oak Toscana. A bathroom vanity wall mount is also popular with those who are concerned about creating an open and flowing aesthetic. Not just for contemporary spaces, wall mounted bathroom vanities are perfect for a wide variety of bathroom styles including transitional, rustic, and luxe.

Consider Your Options

When building or remodeling your bathroom, your choices for vanities, sinks, and countertops may be dictated by the available space you have for these fixtures. A wall mount bathroom vanity combo is perfect for this because of the space-saving properties wall mount fixtures provide. This makes items such as this Waterspace vanity perfect for small bathrooms, because it packs usefulness into every inch of space while making the bathroom look roomier. The modular design of a wall mounted bathroom vanity cabinet combines form and function together into one perfect package.

This clever contemporary style utilizes the wall mount bathroom vanity to form a perfect marriage of design and practicality. The sleek lines like those of the Ariella vanity in Slate Gray can be combined with a wall mounted bathroom vanity mirror and wall mounted cabinet to create a full and modern look. The result is a casual and relaxed space that places priority on both style and utility at the same time.

Go With The Flow

One of the advantages of including a wall mounted vanity bathroom in your contemporary home is that it creates a continuous flow with the rest of the rooms. The modular design of the Pure vanity from the Signature collection is the perfect example of how beautifully a vanity can be incorporated into multiple modern styles – you can take it in an understated or luxe direction, and still stay true to the overall contemporary vibe. The streamlined storage means that you also get practical space along with a sophisticated aesthetic that matches the design scheme of your home.

Create Large Utility In A Small Space

While ideal for creatively integrating into small spaces, an Adina wall mount vanity bathroom is a stylish way to create a maximum amount of functionality in your vanity space. Since your wall mounted bathroom vanity is floating, it will create an airy feel in your bathroom. What’s more, your cleaning routine becomes streamlined by the fact that there are no cabinets reaching to the floor. Choosing a vanity with a sink in a contrasting color also allows you to create a feeling of dimensionality on your wall.

Exercise Your Creativity

The modularity of a wall mounted bathroom vanity makes it able to be customized in a variety of ways. The wall placement of your vanity can be mounted at any height you want to make the countertop just the right height for you. Wall mounting also means that you can make your wall mounted bathroom vanity the centerpiece of the wall or cleverly fit into a tight space like a glove. The lack of bulk leaves space for a number of possible storage options underneath.

A wall mounted bathroom sink vanity can be combined with other elements such as wall mounted shelf and drawer bridges to create a one-of-a-kind design that extends the functionality of your space. Add a mirror on the wall that complements your wall mounted bathroom vanity and your grouping is complete.

An enduring style that is becoming popular again due to advancements in construction technology and lighter material components, a wall mounted bathroom vanity is again a prime choice for many different bathroom styles. Granting extended room while continuing to provide storage, this vanity style will have staying power in both new and renovated bathrooms. Ronbow is your source for high quality bathroom furnishings with style.