Add visual and functional appeal to your bathroom with various bathroom accessories. When most homeowners think about accessories, they associate them with decorations that may look nice but do not offer anything in terms of functionality. You may not have a lot of space in the room, but even the smallest bathroom can look much larger with the right features. Every bathroom accessory needs to serve a purpose. Here are some small bathroom accessories you should think about adding the next time you want to give the room an update.

Have A Designated Area For The Soap

Instead of having a bar of soap slip around on the countertop, you can add a Portland soap tray. This tray, along with many other rustic bathroom accessories, provides a sense of serenity in the space. The tray measures 18 inches in width, so you have plenty of room. It also makes the perfect area if you choose to use bottles of soap. It works great if the sink or window already has a pastoral aesthetic. The sink may be a focal point in your bathroom, but a soap tray is the bread and butter. It rounds out the rest of the look for a fuller appearance.

Create Room For Other Supplies

Bathroom accessories for girls should aim to keep the countertop free of clutter. Instead of wasting precious minutes in the morning trying to find everything, it can all be kept in a prestigious Aravo make-up tray. Everything you need will be right there, and you can tuck the tray away in one of your sink’s cabinets. If there are several women in your household, then you want to be certain you have ample bathroom accessories for women to keep everyone happy.

There are a number of bathroom accessories for men as well, including a general storage tray that can fit directly on the countertop or within a cabinet, depending on where you have the space. You can use them to hold important items such as:

  • Combs
  • Tubes
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Bath salts
  • Candles

One great benefit of using trays is that it protects the rest of your vanity in the event of a spill. In case something breaks or cracks, the liquid will be held within the tray. No need to worry about where all the liquid went – confining it in practical bathroom accessories makes for easy cleanup.

Round Out Bathroom Aesthetic With A Matching Sink And Drain Cover

If you want a more contemporary look for your bathroom, consider using white bathroom accessories. In the past, many sinks came fitted with large drain covers that stood out like a sore thumb. Now you can acquire sinks with drain covers that blend in with the natural aesthetic. It gives the illusion that nothing is there, but rest assured -- water has a way to escape.

Mix And Match Accessories

As a homeowner, you should feel welcome to mix and match accessories in order to create a one-of-a-kind design. For example, you do not have to stick with solely bronze bathroom accessories or only have blue bathroom accessories. Instead, you can complement a blue Aravo vanity beautifully with a bamboo wall cabinet. You can even make certain fixtures stand out by getting metal fixtures, such as drains and door handles, affixed to sinks and shower doors. Whatever you want, you can turn your dreams into reality.

Farmhouse bathroom décor utilizes a blend of natural materials, utilitarian pieces, and vintage touches to create an unpretentious and fresh look that is both cozy and welcoming. The warm tones of wood pair well with painted pieces in contrasting tones of white. Wood or tile flooring further the style of this decorating theme alongside wood wall coverings in the form of wainscoting or bead board to form the foundation of this style.

No matter what you have in mind, Ronbow is bound to have something that will suit your tastes. Bathrooms are important spaces in any household, so you deserve to have a complete set of bathroom accessories that has everything you need to feel completely relaxed. Get in touch with us today by calling toll-free at 888-880-8318 to learn about all the bathroom accessories we have in stock.