Is your powder room petite? Is your lavatory little? Never fear. You can do a lot to make one of the highest traffic rooms in the house attractive, pleasant, and downright elegant, no matter what size it is. Here is a collection of 30 small bathroom ideas for design and decorating that will have you singing in the shower.

The Vanity

Designing small bathrooms requires planning and forethought. Strong bathroom design begins with the bathroom vanity. In diminutive spaces which are becoming more common (especially in urban dwellings), a small bathroom vanity is a necessity. This, however, does not mean you have to sacrifice style to meet space requirements. You can choose from a huge range of fashionable colors to suit any taste. Vanities also come in a wide variety of attractive materials that are suitable to a humid, busy environment, such as Ronbow’s Aravo Petite White, designed to save space in high style.

Idea 1: Lighter colors can help make a small bathroom seem larger, helping to open up the space. This is true for both the vanity and for the walls. Consider Ronbow’s Leonie Empire Gray vanity, which provides taste and useful storage without heaviness.

Idea 2: White is generally associated with cleanliness while being easy on the eyes, and is always a good choice for a bathroom.

Idea 3: Minimalistic and graceful bathroom vanity designs can mimic the look and space-saving shape of a pedestal sink while offering useful storage that pedestal sinks lack.

Idea 4: Small bathroom vanities can offer ample space, such as Ronbow’s Elise Vanity in White. Embrace vanity storage to help you simplify and organize.

Take Time To Reflect

To coordinate with the vanity, consider installing a small bathroom vanity mirror. In smaller bathrooms, oval mirrors fit any decor theme while elongating the walls, adding a sense of spaciousness. A small bathroom mirror that is round or oval always looks great and is a refreshing change from the more common rectangular mirrors.

Idea 5: Mirrors add a sense of space and depth to any room. In addition to the vanity mirror, consider an arrangement of mirrors on an opposite wall.

Idea 6: Mirrors facing windows reflect the outdoor view and add a sense of light and expanded space.

Idea 7: To further draw the eye upward, consider an attractive tile treatment at or near the ceiling.

Idea 8: You do not need a large wall mirror to have a useful, attractive bathroom. If space allows, an attractive vanity mirror increases utility and style when combined with a smaller, over-the-sink mirror.


Lighting can make a bathroom agreeable and comfortable, so it is important to find the right balance between lighting that works well in smaller spaces and lamps with appropriate wattage and placement. You need to have enough direct lighting for easy, comfortable viewing while avoiding the effect of a glaring spotlight in the face.

The best small bathroom light will face downward and direct light onto the vanity area. Many small bathroom ideas are centered on using light to sculpt the space and add an enhanced aesthetic. Yes, you can combine form with function. For example, a small table lamp can add interesting ambient lighting while a wall-mounted fixture focuses task lighting on the vanity area.

Idea 9: Windows can open up small spaces while providing a great source of natural light. If your bathroom does not have a window, consider adding one if feasible.

Idea 10: Skylights are a great way to let in light and create a sense of spaciousness, especially for bathrooms that lack windows or the ability to add a window (due to being enclosed by your home’s floor plan, for example).

Idea 11: A small crystal chandelier adds instant flair as well as soft, glittering light with a touch of luxury. Crystal multiplies and projects light throughout the room, which is especially useful in limited spaces.

Idea 12: A mixture of lighting sources provides the best overall effect for the most pleasant atmosphere.

Idea 13: For more of an overall sense of spaciousness and feeling of light, consider using a glass surround for the shower rather than a curtain.

Sink Into Style

A small bathroom sink is vital if your bathroom is less than spacious, but small does not mean you have to sacrifice good looks. After all, a sink can make a real statement in the overall feel of your bathroom. Sinks go hand-in-hand with vanity styles, and you have a wide choice of sink shapes, colors, and finishes to choose from. From ceramic rectangles to more modern round bowls to unusual and stylish fire-burnt copper vessels as sinks, there is definitely something for every taste and style.

Idea 14: For tiny bathrooms with no extra space to spare, consider stylish wall-mounted sinks, pedestal sinks, or take a look at toilet lid sinks, which are combination wash basins and water closets.

Idea 15: Vessel sinks, which sit on top of a vanity surface rather than in or below it, are good choices because they are smaller at the bottom than the top and take up less counter space.

Idea 16: Corner sinks are a great way to save space and add tasteful touches. Rounded shapes can fit in small corners of little bathrooms without blocking doors, and built-in shelves and drawers offer storage space for towels and toiletries.

Fixtures To Love

With a diminutive sink, you will need a small bathroom faucet. As do mirrors, shiny fixtures add a touch of light and contribute to a sense of airiness. When combined with white sinks, the result is a look that is timeless, clean, and fresh. Gently rounded shapes add a sense of ease and help create a relaxing atmosphere that can make your bathroom a retreat, even if you have a modest budget.

Idea 17: Chrome fixtures are a great choice for smaller bathrooms. They are classic, easy to care for, and available in many affordable styles.

Idea 18: Keep your bathroom fixtures and sink clean with a budget-and-environmentally-friendly mix of vinegar and water (one part vinegar to one part water). Put the mixture in a spray bottle to have on hand for regular cleaning.

Small Storage, Big Style

Adequate storage is important for any lavatory or powder room, but if space is at a premium, storage is an even higher priority. A small bathroom cabinet can be tailored to your needs to maximize what space you have and make getting ready a breeze. Stock cabinets are affordable and offer many options, but custom cabinetry can do even more for you by utilizing every inch in useful and attractive ways.

Idea 19: For a creative and unique look, repurpose furniture from other rooms. A dresser, hutch, or even a table with added shelves can give you extra storage and style.

Idea 20: Over-the-toilet units (also known as overjohn cabinets) utilize empty wall space and can keep toiletries and other items handy without the need for counter or floor space.

Finishing The Look

No discussion of small bathroom ideas is complete without considering finishing touches. Every design element should have a purpose as well as attractively contribute to creating an in-home oasis. When it comes to small bathroom décor and small bathroom accessories, the key to successful decorating is to not add anything that does not have a useful function. Beware of clutter, which can easily collect and overwhelm in smaller bathrooms. Extra items also make it harder to keep your bathroom pristine.

Idea 21: Bathroom accessories in white, off-white, and neutrals such as tan or soft grey can create a coordinated look and a calming feeling that promotes relaxation.

Idea 22: A shower pole can store a number of bath and hair care items efficiently and attractively in a small space.

Idea 23: An interesting tile pattern or colorful flooring eliminates the need for a rug.

Idea 24: Stylish accessories such as lotion and soap holders, toothbrush holders, and even towel racks can add personal pizzazz while being useful.

Idea 25: Live plants that clean the air are great accessories. Bamboo, airplane or spider plants, and air plants are great choices for the warm, humid atmosphere of a bathroom. Choose hanging or wall-mounted pots to save more space.

Idea 26: In a small bathroom, keep the wall, sink, vanity, and tub or shower colors neutral. White and off-white create the most sense of space.

Idea 27:,/ Keep the walls the same color as the main furniture in a room. For a small bathroom, that may be a chair, stool, or the sink cabinet or vanity. This can make a room seem twice as large.

Idea 28: If you want bright shades, add pops of color with accessories such as stools, towels, wastebaskets, and robes.

Idea 29: If you are unsure about what colors you like best, look in your closet. The colors you use to accent your wardrobe are a great place to start when adding a variety of coordinated shades to your bathroom.

Idea 30: Rather than random knick-knacks, add interest with stools, which can hold towels, and floating shelves, which provide stylish storage.

Let The Experts Help

When it is time to refurbish your small bathroom, turn to the specialists at Ronbow. They offer customers impeccable service because they not only design their products, but they also manufacture them. This means they can assure every customer the highest quality from start to finish. To find out more, call Ronbow at 888-880-8318 or email the company at contact@ronbow.com.

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