The ultimate in classic styling, a white bathroom is a blank slate and a style commitment at the same time. Even the addition of white bathroom accessories gives the room a cleaner look. There is something to be said for the calming effect of an all-white space, and there is no better room for it than a bathroom.

A white bathroom vanity such as the Genova above is great to decorate with as a contrast or balance to other stronger colored elements in the room such as a black tile backsplash or a charcoal quartz countertop. Clean and light, an all-white design scheme works with a number of decorating themes such as contemporary, farmhouse, and transitional.


There are a number of ways a contemporary white bathroom can be styled. One approach is to paint the bathroom white, and have the floor, wall treatments, and most of the fixtures white, while selected elements of the room display a pop of bright color. The color may come in the form of a distinctive bathroom vanity such as the Amora pictured above, or as the choice of towel color. Either way, a deliberate choice of color creates variety for the eye and can make a small space look larger.

Another contemporary white bathroom statement is an almost all-white space with the occasional use of natural materials such as metal, stone, or wood. You can keep a white bathroom scale and a white bathroom organizer, but place one or two natural accents in the room such as a small succulent terrarium for some calming visual interest. While the use of white tones down the energy of the room, the natural materials create an organic feel. Both design elements come together for a Zen-like feel to the space and are perfect for the person who is looking to make their bathroom a retreat from the outside world.

Head To The Country

The farmhouse look takes inspiration from nostalgia and the use of classic colors and materials. In this sense, a white bathroom is a natural for the farmhouse look. This would be a great space for a white bathroom fan and tile. White bathtubs, sinks, and toilets with oil-rubbed bronze fixtures lend a warm feel to the space. A white bathroom cabinet like the Briella below with a white bathroom vanity mirror such as the Bryant in dark wood reinforces the country look. The use of natural materials such as wood or stone for countertops and flooring furthers the whole effect.

Transition Into Something New

White is the perfect color to use in a transitional bathroom because of its ultimate versatility. Taking elements of style from various influences, transitional style bathrooms with white as a dominant accent color can be decorated with white bathroom rugs and white bathroom towels. Often another color is used with white as an additional accent, as seen in the gray Newcastle vanity above.

White can be used to great effect in transitional bathrooms in flooring, cabinetry, countertops, and functional elements of the space, such as a white bathroom sink. Paired with a gray vanity cabinet, a white bathroom sink and countertop lend a crisp look.

Finishing Touches

White can be perfect as the main color in your bathroom or the finishing element that ties everything together. The countertop and knobs on the above bath vanity give an example of how an accent of white can balance out the dark Laurel vanity while supporting the warmth of its wood.

Get Planning

Planning the style of the bathroom you desire is an important first step in the design process. Decorating a white bathroom is straightforward when you have thoroughly thought out what look you are aiming to achieve. Ronbow can be your partner in achieving the look you want with quality style-forward bathroom sinks, vanities, mirrors, and storage solutions.