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SPIFF Program

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*Effective 01/01/2018 through 06/30/2018*

Paper Spiff is no longer accepted. Please click here to SIGN UP online today!!
If you have not registered online to file for your Ronbow spiff, please do so now.
Do not miss the opportunity to claim your spiff.
Any Sink - Stone or Ceramic (Excludes ceramic undercounter sinks) $15.00
Any Vanity Excludes all consoles, drawer/shelf bridges/banks, Adina) $20.00
Any Stone Counter or Sinktop $15.00
Any TechStone™ Top & WideAppeal™ Top $20.00
Any LED Mirror or LED Medicine Cabinet $15.00


1. Open to all salespeople that sell Ronbow products

2. Go to and proceed accordingly

NOTE: Based on Purchase Order Date from Ronbow Corporation
• Spiffs are awarded upon paid Ronbow invoices for Ronbow Brand & Ronbow Signature 
  (formerly Signature Series)
Spiff exclude all product categroies from Ronbow Essentials
• Spiffs are eligible for showroom sales ONLY
• Commercial job pricing, displays, internet sales, stocking order and personal use are excluded
• Please allow 2-4 weeks for receipt of check after online filing
• Online filing must be completed by September 30, 2018 for the spiff period