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Our Story

For twenty years, Ronbow has been passionate about designing and building custom cabinetry. During this time, we’ve continuously invested in perfecting our craft and have partnered with leading designers around the world to bring unique products to the marketplace. Our passion has never waivered and our desire to meet the evolving needs of consumers has compelled us to challenge ourselves and the cabinet industry as a whole.

Our Ambition

We’re ambitious. We get excited by challenging the status quo. If there’s a better way to deliver a superior product and service to our customers, we’ll aggressively pursue it. If we believe the industry hasn’t stepped up to meet the rapidly changing expectations of customers, we want to be the first to do so.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to reinvent the way consumers and our trade partners experience the process of designing, building, and servicing custom cabinets - for the better. We’re on a mission to challenge the category conventions that have prevented many of us from even considering the option to invest in custom cabinets.

Our Technology

As passionate as we are about creating beautifully designed and crafted custom cabinetry, we’re just as passionate about our technology and innovation. It actually makes sense as one of our Co-Founders is both our Chief Technology Officer as well as a Master Woodworker.

The combination of our software and the latest in woodworking technology enables us to cut the most intricate of designs, customize the functionality, and align them precisely to your space. Because creating truly custom cabinetry is as much an art - as it is a science. The technology has also given us the opportunity to:

1. Design, build, and deliver your custom cabinets in just 2-3 weeks
2. Customize your cabinets from the inside out, to accommodate your specific functional needs
3. If you’re really creative, you can mix and match styles, materials, finishes and colors
4. Select your custom hardware, adding another dimension to your unique sense of style

Our Showrooms

Unlike traditional custom cabinet manufacturers, we want to get to know you ~ personally. That’s why we’re building design centers throughout Northern and Southern California. We want to be a place where inspiration lives, collaboration with our talented cabinet designers is encouraged, and custom designs come to life in real time.

Our 10-Year Maintenance and Service Plan

Unlike traditional custom cabinet manufacturers, our relationship with you and your new cabinets doesn't end after a flawless delivery. That’s why we schedule a visit every 6 months for the next 10 years to ensure that your custom cabinets look and feel as new as the day they were delivered. Free of charge.

Our Commitment to the Local Community

Unlike traditional cabinet manufacturers, we want to be an integral part of and contribute to the local community and its future.
● We source our materials locally
● We build our cabinets locally
● We provide installation support to our local builders and general contractors to ensure we all succeed in making our customers happy.
● We offer professional cabinet design consultation for our partners who specialize in interior design to help complement and build upon their own vision for their customer.
● We’re investing in the next generation of cabinet designers by actively recruiting and training graduating students from local design schools.

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Luxury European-inspired kitchen cabinets, designed and manufactured in California with factory direct service and support.

Ronbow’s Story

From timeless classics to contemporary pieces, we offer exquisite furnishings made with only the highest-quality materials and forward-thinking designs.